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Poetic Perspectives


Poetic Perspectives brings to parchment two decades of this author's finest poetry.  Deemed the Thomas Kinkade of poetry, Wolfe pens to paper words, thoughts, ponderings, history, personal experiences, patriotism, love, and loss.  He clearly expresses delight in his rhyming verse and subject matter.  You will experience his artistic vision and be amazed at brushstrokes provided by his mental mastery of life's precious moments.  He will capture you and hold you in his grasp, bringing forth a tear, a smile, a deeper thought, and an awakening to some of the more important things in life.  This book is the perfect gift for any man or woman.  Experience the themes of romance, adventure, love, the human spirit, and the richer meaning of life.  Immerse yourself in this work inspired by a higher power, and know that your soul will be touched in a way no other book has accomplished.  Wolfe will touch you in a special way with his mastery of penmanship from conception to death and a myriad of life experiences you will encounter along your way.

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