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Jerrel E. Wolfe

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New Release

Poetic Perspectives

Poetic Perspectives brings to parchment two decades of this author's finest poetry.  Deemed the Thomas Kinkade of poetry, Wolfe pens to paper words, thoughts, ponderings, history, personal experiences, patriotism, love, and loss.  He clearly expresses delight in his rhyming verse and subject matter.  You will experience his artistic vision and he amazed at brushstrokes provided by his mental mastery of life's precious moments.

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Wolfe, the creator of these simple, mostly rhyming gems has received awards and recognition from his fellow wordsmiths. He has published other poetic collections and is an Associate Member of the International Society of Poets. This latest grouping of insights and gently veiled opinions and counsel to readers will be welcomed by his fans, and doubtless garner a new group of appreciative lovers of words well-chosen and thought pictures well painted.

Barbara Bamberger Scott

Pacific Book Review

Praise & Reviews

Readers seeking storytelling poetry with some modest fantasy will love Discoveries:  An Artistic Poetic Collection, by Jerrel Wolfe.  Wolfe's poems are accessible to his readers, they tell the stories we love to listen to.

Allison Walker

Pacific Book Review

Jerrel Wolfe's poetry collection, Reflections, is aptly titled.  It's not so much poems as short stories, each self-contained and neatly packaged into tidy stanzas.  His subjects include all basic elements of an ordinary life:  falling in love, losing in love, spending time with family, and celebrating Fourth of July.  Any reader who picks up Wolfe's collection will find at least one poem that reaches into their memories and touches their heart. 

Allison Walker

Pacific Book Review

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About Jerrel Wolfe

Jerrel E. Wolfe's poetry reflects his diverse background.  A Vietnam era veteran, he served in Frankfurt, Germany with the American Forces Radio and Television Service.  A graduate of Geneva College with a degree in Communications, he has been a radio and sports announcer. In addition to being a skillful writer, he has been a certified automotive technician, and licensed real estate and stock sales associate.  

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