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Visions of a Gifted Poet (2024)


Poetic Perspectives is now Visions of a Gifted Poet.  This brilliant book  of poetry brings to parchment two decades of this author's finest poetry.  Deemed the Thomas Kinkade of poetry, Wolfe pens to paper words, thoughts, ponderings, history, personal experiences, patriotism, love, and loss.  He clearly expresses delight in his rhyming verse and subject matter.  You will experience his artistic vision and he amazed at brushstrokes provided by his mental mastery of life's precious moments.

Visions of a Gifted Poet.jpg

Reflections (2022)


Jerrel Wolfe's Reflections is a gripping and entertaining collection of his poetic works.  All 40 poems in this volume are rich in meaning and  yet lively in spirit, reflecting his recognized skill as a poet.

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Discoveries (2022)


Discoveries, a collection of 40 poems by award-winning poet Jerrel Wolfe, covers the full spectrum of human emotion and experience with skill and sensitivity. 

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