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Jerrel Wolfe's Reflections is a gripping and entertaining collection of his poetic works.  All 40 poems in this volume are rich in meaning and  yet lively in spirit, reflecting his recognized skill as a poet.

Jerrel Wolfe's poetry collection, Reflections, is aptly titled.  It's not so much poems as short stories, each self-contained and neatly packaged into tidy stanzas.  His subjects include all basic elements of an ordinary life:  falling in love, losing in love, spending time with family, and celebrating Fourth of July.  Any reader who picks up Wolfe's collection will find at least one poem that reaches into their memories and touches their heart.  Wolfe has wonderful consistency of tome throughout  his collection.  After reading his first poem, readers pretty much know what to expect from the rest.  "The Heart is on the Table" is a cheerful example of Wolfe's writing.  Reflections makes even the saddest stories feel manageable.  Often, Wolfe's tone of voice when relating a tragedy or loss is one of acceptance.  the poems "Taken" and "Consumed by Social Pressure" are good examples of this.  Both poems relate to the loss of a child in different ways.

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